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Monday, January 7, 2013

Medical Robot Workshop at Stanford - Call for participation

Here is your chance to listen to the good old folks presenting the state-of-the art in medical and surgical robotics. Quick facts: 
"The IEC TC62/SC62A & ISO TC184/SC2 Joint Working Group JWG9 on Medical electrical equipment and systems using robotic technology is holding its third International event following on from events in Wellington, New Zealand (on 19 January 2011) and Milan, Italy (on 3 July 2012) to present the state of the art in medical robots and explore the need for standardization in the rapidly changing area of robotics.
There is considerable activity in developing non-industrial robots for new environments and personal care and medical applications are the main drivers for the new types of service robots which are emerging for non-manufacturing applications.

Nota bene: The ISO TC184/SC2 (Robots and robotics devices) Technical Committee has the following work groups:
  • WG 1: Vocabulary and characteristics of robots, Convenor Prof Soon-Geul Lee, Kyung-Hee University, South Korea.
  • WG 3: Industrial robot safety, Convenor Jeff Fryman, Robotics Industries Association, USA
  • WG 7: Personal care robot safety, Convenor Prof Gurvinder S Virk, CLAWAR Association, UK, and University of Gävle &KTH, Sweden.
  • JWG9: Medical electrical equipment and systems using robotic technology, Convenor Prof Gurvinder S Virk, CLAWAR Association, UK and University of Gävle &KTH, Sweden.
  • WG 8: Service robots, Convenor Prof Seungbin Moon, Sejong University, South Korea.
The aim of the colloquium is to bring these activities to the attention of the medical and related communities in USA so that full participation of all the stakeholders can be facilitated and future cooperation ensured."

If you are interested, please fill the Application form

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